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Multi-game sports courts and Garage Floors

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Viper Athetic Design Inc. FAQ​



  • How Long has Viper Athletics and Snapsports been around


Viper Athletics has been in business in Western Canada for 7 years. We have built residential and commercial multi-game courts from Vancouver Island to Medicine Hat and as far north as Fort Mcmurray.  The sports flooring manufacturer, Snapsports has been building sports flooring for 40 years. Snapsports actually pioneered the backyard court and modular flooring industry. Unlike many other companies within the industry, our flooring systems are engineered and built in Salt Lake City, Utah. No other companies can make this statement.



  • What makes our outdoor residential multi-courts and athletic surfaces the best in the industry


Snapsports has over 18 patents on their flooring with many more patents pending. Snapsports floors stand by their product with a 12 year warranty on all flooring. These surfaces have all been tested by USSL, the official testing facility for the famous DIN standard which is the most stringent standard for sports flooring systems. Snapsports 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Nova Sports USA is a leading manufacturere of Sports Floor Coatings in the World.  The Sports surfaces are all weather and aare intended to put up with teh wear and tear associated to tennis, basketbal, hockey, volleyball, badminton, and any other activity that your family desires to play. 


  • Why invest in a multi-game court


  • To provide a safe place for children to play sports with family and friends

  • To create a healthy lifestyle for everyone

  • To divert kids away from video games, internet, and phone texting

  • To develop and perfect sports skills and teach the kids how to work in teams


  • How long does it take to build an outdoor Multi-court


The building of a Multi-game court is a customized  process geared to the needs of the end users. Viper Athletic staff  will come to your home and custom design a mulit-game court. Once the planning is done, an order is placed to Snapsports. A typical court takes up to 2-3 weeks to manufacture at the Salt Lake factory. Manufacturing time fluctuates depending on the season. Once the product is received, Viper Athletic can have the court installed within days.


  • What kind of Sports, games, and activities can take place on a Multi-court?


Basketball, Street hockey, roller hockey, inline skating, tennis, futsal, soccer, volleyball, badminton, paddle tennis, floor hockey, pickleball, dodgeball, speedminton, roller skating, foam tennis, kickball, shuffleboard, hopscotch, four square, whiffle ball, skateboarding, parties, and whatever else your imagination can think of…


If there are any other questions that this FAQ does not answer, please do not hesitate to call Rob Thandi at 778-823-DUNK (3865) or email

Goalsetter Captains series basketball hoop. This court is 50x30 and has the Snapsports Bounceback tiles intalled on ashphalt. The ball containment fencing was also installed by Viper Athletics and is 10 ft high nylon.

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