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Viper Athletic Design Inc. Basketball Hoops

Over the years we have installed all brands of basketball hoops and syustems. By far the most superior hoop system on the market is the Goalsetter Hoop Systems

We also sell hoop systems from Snapaports and Spalding as well.


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Goalsetter Systems is located in Iowa, USA. All their hoops are constructedin their USA plant by highly trained and dedicated team who are devoted to continuous improvement. 


The Steel used in these hoops are between 70-98% recycled Steel. All the backboards at 3/8" competition, fully tempered glass backboards and are capable of withstanding the hardest and the toughest play. The corners of the backboard are rounded for safer play.


The off set pole design minimizes shaking, reducing wer and tear on the joints of the system, This design also enhances stability and basketball response off the backboard. The paint is designed to resiste corrossion as well. One primer coat is followed by two coats of high gloss finish. The hoops are then oven cured to ensure good adhesion and proiper cure times.


Above photo is a Goalsetter MVP hoop and the photo below is a Goalstter Captain System we installed at Amir Hemani's home in North Vacouver