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Viper Athletic Design Inc. is the exclusive local dealer for Snapsports 

Snapsports is the leading manufacturer of Athletic Sports tiles in Norh America and the World. Their Bounceback tiles are second to none and offer the feel and performance of an indoor gym. The flooring is water proof and are designed for all sports activities including basketball, roller hockey, tennis, badminton, pickle ball, volleyball, and any other sport. All of our game courts are custom designed to meet the needs of you and your family.

- Basketball

- Roller and ball hockey

- Tennis

- Volleyball

- Multi-purpose courts

- Residential and Commercial 

Above Photograph: Is a Los Angeles Lakers them Mutli-game court located in South Langley. 


Left: Basketball and hockey court located in North Vancouver. Gerg stated that his son developed the hardest wrist shot in his ice hockey team after months of practice on this court. You see the puck glides on the smooth Bounceback tiles giving the same feeling as ice.


Below: Multicout located in Morgan Creek.

The main tile that Viper Athletic installs is the Outdoor Bounceback tile manufactured in the USA by Snapsports. This tile is very versatile and is a superior surface for all activities. 


It is made with a dual suspension system for maximum vertical cushion, 


excellent coefficient of friction for safe athletic play. In other words it is not absrasive on the skin.


Outdoor Bounceback is designed for a high level of sports perfomance for basketball, tennis, futsal, street hockey, roller hockey, badminton, volleyball and much more...


The sport tiles are perforated so that water from rain quickly drains through as  a result there is no squeegee required.


U.V. protection for outdoor color performance.


Free floating floor , no adhesives or anchors required.


Long term aesthetic appeal. Covers cracks, puddles, stains, or color wear patterns.


Many colors options available for custom looks. Logos, lining and graphic also available.


Year around use and a 12 year manufacturer's warranty. Bouncebeck Tiles are manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Picture below is Owner Rob Thandi's court. Both photos have the Snapsports Durasam Hoops installed on them

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