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Viper Athletic is the exclusive local dealer for Snapsports. 

Sports and Game court flooring is a type of flooring that is specifically designed for use in sports and athletic activities. These floors are engineered to provide optimal performance, safety, and durability for athletes playing various sports, including basketball, tennis, volleyball, and more. Different types of sports court flooring are available for indoor and outdoor use, and they have distinct features that make them suitable for different purposes.

Indoor sports court flooring typically includes hardwood flooring or synthetic surfaces. Hardwood flooring is commonly used for indoor basketball courts and is highly durable, but it can be expensive and requires regular maintenance. Synthetic surfaces, such as vinyl, rubber, or polyurethane, are more affordable, require less maintenance than hardwood, and are commonly used for indoor sports such as volleyball and racquetball.

Outdoor sports court flooring is designed to withstand the elements and the wear and tear of outdoor activities. Various options are available for outdoor courts, including concrete, asphalt, and interlocking plastic tiles. Concrete and asphalt surfaces are highly durable but can be hard on athletes' joints. Interlocking plastic tiles provide a cushioned surface that is easier on the joints and is a popular choice for outdoor basketball and tennis courts.

Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor sports court flooring, there are several key factors to consider when choosing a suitable surface. These include the type of sport you'll be playing, the level of performance you're looking for, the maintenance required, and your budget. We are happy to help work through these factors, so you can find the right sport court flooring to provide a safe, high-performance surface for your athletes.

Outdoor Sports Flooring

We offer an array of outdoor sports tiles that will improve your all-around game.

Indoor Sports Flooring

We've got you covered when it comes to your year-round indoor sports flooring needs.

Residential Sports Flooring

Every one should have access to a court to play on, no matter what their level is. We have a multi-sport surface to meet all your needs for your home. 

Facility Court.png

Commercial Sports Flooring

We have premium sports court flooring for the highest levels of competition. The commercial court options are designed for maximum performance, durability, comfort, and safety.

Court blue-gray_edited.jpg

Basketball Hoop Systems

Over the years we have installed all brands of basketball hoops and systems. By far the most superior on the market is the Goalsetter Hoop Systems, and we also sell systems from Dominator, Snapaports and Spalding as well.


Concrete Alternative Base

Concrete is highly recommended as a base for our sport court tiles, but with some drainage requirements, city by-laws or other project-specific limitations, concrete can't always be used. Don't worry, we have a non-concrete base option as an alternative for you. 

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