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Commercial Sport Courts

Specialized flooring designed for commercial sports courts

Commercial sport court flooring is a type of specialized flooring designed for use in indoor or outdoor sports courts. It is typically made of durable materials such as polypropylene, PVC, or rubber and is designed to provide a high level of traction, shock absorption, and impact resistance. The flooring comes in interlocking tiles or rolled sheets and can be customized to fit the specific needs of different sports. For example, basketball courts require a highly resilient surface, while tennis courts require a surface that provides good grip and traction.

Commercial sport court flooring is typically designed to be easy to install and maintain and is often used in various commercial and institutional settings, such as schools, gyms, and recreation centers. It can also be customized with various colours and logos to create a unique and professional look.

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Sports Hardwood Flooring


Viper Magnetic Harwood is 100% Canadian Maple. The Magnetic Technology allows for quick installation and repairs since the floor is not glued or nailed.


A Game Changer for commercial sports flooring:

  • No Nails

  • No Glue

  • No epoxy


Entire Floor held in place by state-of-the-art Magnetic Technology!


REVOLUTION is a Versatile, Premium, Athletic Surface For Almost Any Sport


When it comes to performance, you’ll rarely find a sport flooring option that can beat our reliable all-purpose Revolution athletic surface. Equipped with our patented ShockLock absorption system and optional TuffShield flooring protection, the feeling that you get when you step onto our Revolution flooring for the first time is unmatched.


From basketball to inline hockey, this indoor court flooring option is hard to beat not just for its safety and performance, but due to its low annual maintenance, customizability, and resistance against moisture and humidity. To reinforce the already hard-to-beat features that come with this premium athletic surface, you can also choose from over 20 colors to add a little extra flair to your Revolution sport flooring.


An Instant Classic When It Comes To Premium Indoor Basketball Court Flooring

The Classic XL athletic surface is one of our most basketball-esque flooring options available. The optional authentic maple look and solid top design make it a favourite among basketball enthusiasts who want the full experience of a traditional indoor basketball court with added outstanding basketball performance.


The seamless design allows for consistent and safe play, also making it a versatile athletic surface that can be used for a variety of other sports. You’ll also never have to worry about required anchoring or adhesives, and the minimal initial investment and low maintenance costs make it an attainable option for athletes across the board.


Top-Rated Performance And Unrivaled Size All In Our 50-50 Modular Athletic Surface

Low annual maintenance and packed with features like our patented ShockLock? Impossible. No, not really. Our 50-50 modular athletic surface is the largest solid tile in the world and doesn’t sacrifice in any category, offering 70 percent less seams when compared to other court options, resulting in exceptional ball play.


Additionally, our ShockLock and top-rated vertical and lateral shock absorption create a safe play environment; you can even add our exclusive ShockTower shock absorbers for reinforced safety. These features allow our modular sports flooring to conform to international play standard and make it a go-to option for multiple types of sports and activities.


Superior Basketball Performance On A Fan-Favorite Athletic Surface

Made up of four Classic XL tiles topped with vinyl, our Pro36 athletic flooring offers a classic wood look for those who want to play on a more traditional basketball court with added performance and safety thanks to vertical and lateral shock absorption.


The Pro36 basketball court flooring is designed for outstanding basketball performance and isn’t affected by moisture, humidity, or temperature, so you don’t have to worry about the tiles’ integrity becoming damaged or warped. When it comes to a reliable indoor basketball court flooring, you can’t go wrong by choosing to go with the Pro36 athletic surface.

Specs: High Impact Copolymer Suspended Athletic Surface
Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 0.625" (914.4 mm x 914.4 mm x 16 mm)
Weight: 224 oz. (6350 g)

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