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Outdoor Court Surfaces

We have the perfect court surface for your outdoor space. 

As an official supplier of SnapSports, we offer an array of outdoor sport tiles that all contribute to different aspects of improving your game and enriching your outdoor space. This industry leading product will give you peace of mind knowing that the athletic surface you choose will stand the test of time, as well as feel better than anything you’ve ever played on. Check out the different options below and contact us so we can help bring your outdoor sport court project to life! 


OUTDOOR REVOLUTION tiles are the Newest Advancement in SnapSports Tech. 


From custom backyard courts to large tennis facilities, Outdoor Revolution is up for the game. Utilizing a rigid spine and patented ShockLock® locking system, Revolution is a dynamic multi-sport performer.


Loaded with our patented features, this dynamic backyard sports flooring extends across a variety of sports for optimal performance and usability.


This athletic sports surface has everything you need from an open-top design to a performance integrated traction surface (PITS) for steady, safe, and confident gameplay. Additionally, while functionality is our priority, we’ve also come up with a seamless design for a jaw-dropping and aesthetically pleasing design. Your outdoor sports surface should be ready for anything, which is why we put so much effort into making sure that the Outdoor Revolution sports flooring is built for the most extensive play sessions and weather conditions.


Durability Meets Performance with DURACOURT® tiles from SnapSports.  

This All-Weather Outdoor Sports Surface won’t buckle under mother nature’s intense weather conditions, we want SnapSports Duracourt to be the first option that comes to mind. This athletic surface provides first-rate all-weather traction, and the open-top design allows for immediate drainage in wet weather.

The Duracourt outdoor sports surface is also UV stable, so you won’t have to worry about fading colours and damage to the court’s aesthetics. When it comes to performance, our vertical and lateral shock absorption results in quick and safe play, allowing you to put 100 percent into every session.


From Backyard Courts to Large Community Operations, Picklegrip Pickleball Surface Is up for the Game.

Working in collaboration with players of all levels, we developed a new material formulation specifically for Pickleball courts. This patent pending polymer provides increased grip for the Pickleball and more traction for the players. The high-grip surface gives better ball bounce, more consistency, and better traction in damp conditions.


Only requiring flat concrete (no costly post tension slab), SnapSports surfaces are a great choice to revamp an existing court or for a new construction process. SnapSports surfaces simply snap into place, transforming an old tennis or Pickleball court in just hours, saving your project time and money. Unlike an acrylic surface, a SnapSports Pickleball Game Court requires no additional prep-work or yearly maintenance and with a life expectancy of 15+ years, resurfacing your court is never a concern.

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